Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Whoever did it is truly a genius. Test even a single sentence, and if you can, read it out loud ... you'll laugh (or mourn)



You too can talk for hours without saying anything, but you seem to be an expert.

Read any of the phrases in column 1, followed by another one of the phrases in column 2, then any other column 3, and any other column 4. Keep your speech as mixing 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 on until eternity. You do not have the phrases are of the same line. The more changes you make, the more important to look what you say.


1-Dear colleagues

2-realization of the premises of the program

3-makes us a thorough analysis

4-of existing financial and administrative conditions.

1-On the other hand, given the current constraints

2-complex studies of leaders

3-plays a key role in the formation

4-for developing policies for the future.


2-the steady increase in number and extension of our business

3-requires accuracy and determination

4-general participation system.

1-But we must not forget that

2-the current structure of the organization

3-help in the preparation and the implementation

4-the attitudes of members towards their inescapable duty.


2-the new business model of the organization,

3-guarantees the participation of a group in the formation

4-for new proposals.

1-The practice of everyday life test

2-continued development of different forms of activity

3-meets important in determining duties

4-addresses for the purposes of educational progress.

1-It is not necessary to argue the weight and significance of these problems because

2-our business information and propaganda

3-easy to create
4-training system frame appropriate to the needs.

1-The rich and diverse experiences show that

2-strengthening and structures desarrollo20de

3-hinders the appreciation of the importance

4-for conditions appropriate activities.

1-The desire for organization, but especially

2-consultation with many activists

3-provides a test check in tere sante

4-model development.

1-The above ideological principles, conditions

2-the beginning of the general action of formation of attitudes

3-involves the restructuring and modernization

4-forms of action.

1-Even, well we could dare to suggest that
2-1-specific relaunch all sectors involved

3-will mean a real and effective starting point
4-of the basic assumptions adopted.

1-It is obvious to note that
2-dealing with the experience outmoded
3-allowed in any case explain the rationale

4-a whole spectrum casuistry.

1-peccaries insincere But if you soslayásemos
2-1 indiscriminate application of the compelling factors
3-assured, in any case, a very sensible investment

4-element generators.

1-Finally, and as definitively illuminating element should be added that

2-a consensual process and other concurrent applications

3-derives from an indirect effect overcomes

4-a range of ideological criteria articulated in a common front of regenerative activity.

Spread this method to find out how politicians fool us.
This table lacks the promises (projects) but this is irrelevant.