Friday, July 8, 2011


A hurricane is characterized by the rotation of air masses about a region where low-pressure atmosphere, called the "eye of the hurricane."
These air masses originate very strong winds and high humidity creep of the ocean and for that reason, hurricanes are very destructive when they reach land.

The impact that a hurricane has on people, when it touches land, depends on several factors (such as disaster prevention culture that has a country and the socioeconomic development of its inhabitants).
With regard to physical factors, the hurricane may form in the ocean and remain there without causing any damage. Or, depending on atmospheric conditions, can lead to ground and cause disasters, too, may get bigger or lose energy and become a tropical storm.

Finally, we say that the swirl taking hurricane has its origin in the Earth's rotation. In the northern hemisphere the earth's rotation makes hurricanes moving in the opposite direction as they move clockwise, otherwise in the southern hemisphere, where hurricanes rotate in the direction of clockwise.