Thursday, August 25, 2011

wisdom in man

wisdom in man
Parable of the 3 women:

A man had 3 girlfriends.
To decide on the dilemma with which to marry, he gave them $ 1,000 each to see what they did with the money.

The first took all the money and went to the hairdresser, was a manicure, pedicure, cut and dyed his hair, went shopping and bought luxurious clothes and jewels.
"I've done for you," he said when he saw it.
"I want to be pretty for you because I love you."

The second took the money and bought a stereo, a gold Rolex gentleman, a portable CD player and some expensive ties.
When she saw him, gave him everything and said:
"I have bought all this because I love so much."

The third spent all the money in the stock market.
He won twice the money, took half and reinvested the rest
returning the thousand euro had given her.
"I invested the money for you, and I folded.
I give you back what you gave me, and reinvest the rest for our future because I love you so much. "

He carefully analyzed each and every one of the behaviors,
weighing the pros and cons of each, after much thought,
Did you decide to marry ...?


Why? Because so are men ..